Replace Your Old Carpet Metal Strips ASAP

We install transition strips in the Littleton, CO area

Quick-N-Clean Professional Carpet Repair in Littleton, CO supplies most types of carpet metal strips for a variety of applications. Metal strip replacements are often needed in cases where carpets are stretched back to doorways. For those who would prefer to stay away from metals, we also provide metal-free options.

We stock 1.5-inch top metals and 1-inch roll-down carpet metal strips. While we do not carry bronze metals, we'd be glad to install any you provide. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

3 reasons to get carpet metal strip replacements

Whatever your reasons for needing carpet metal strip replacements, you can trust Quick-N-Clean Professional Carpet Repair to do great work. We can help you:

  1. Create a clean transition between carpet and another type of flooring
  2. Stretch carpet all the way back to doorways
  3. Make carpet look like new again without having to replace it

Call today to get a free project estimate over the phone.